Tuesday, July 19, 2016

1,001 Rare Danny Kaye Photos

Getty Images has compiled a repository of millions of news, magazine and publicity photos, including more than 1,000 fascinating images of Danny Kaye.

Among the ones that caught my eye, there are more than a dozen shots of Danny entertaining in the early 1940s at New York's La Martinique nightclub, where he first performed "Stanislavsky" and where he made famous numbers like "Anatole of Paris."

My favorite image from the La Martinique: Check out long-haired Sylvia Fine at the piano in the rear.

This sumptuous shot of the Gunslinger daydream sequence from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947) gives a nice view of the skeleton set.

Kaye as Walter O'Mitty in Mitty's filmed-then-deleted Irish Informant daydream sequence, in which he sang "Molly Malone."

Danny plays around with a bizarre musical instrument between takes on A Song Is Born (1948).

Kaye, in street clothes, entertains children on the set of Hans Christian Andersen (1952).

Danny goes over the Hans Christian Andersen playlist with composer Frank Loesser (at piano) and orchestra leader Walter Scharf.

Recording Loesser's songs, with Scharf conducting and Kaye and co-star Ziti Jeanmarie (standing on box) in the "recording box."

Danny and Vera-Ellen dance on the slippery underside of a boat for White Christmas (1954).

Sylvia, ever-present cigarette at hand, with her husband on the set of The Court Jester (1956).

Danny, Sylvia and daughter Dena rehearse her first commercial recording, "Little Child" (1956).


  1. Wow... a ton of great images there on that site. Searched for Danny Kaye and all sorts of black-and-white and color images of DK come up that I've never seen... Fascinating. Thanks for alerting us to this new collection.

  2. Thank you so much! I was trying to find a good image to do a painting of him on Google and I wasn't finding a thing. Now with Getty Images I have to make up my mind between like 10 images :) Great pics thank you for letting us know they were there :)

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  4. David, Just gave a shoutout about your blog in a reply to a post on the newest Facebook page about Danny Kaye:

    -> (The name of his Facebook page happens to be very similar to the name of your Facebook page; But the more DK, the merrier, right ?)

  5. Thanks for the heads up and the plug!
    That is one busy Facebook poster!

  6. Waiting for more of your interesting DK posts on this page...? thanks... Happy Holidays..

  7. Thanks, DKFF!
    I'm fighting through a couple of other book projects at the moment, but will be back with more great Danny Kaye tales after the first of the year.
    Merry Christmas!